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- It takes all kinds of kinds and here at Dixie Love we love them all!
Keep being the you, you were born to be, the world needs it!-

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Welcome Y'all!

We are incredibly thankful that you decided to join our community! We wanted you to see the faces that you are impacting with every order you make. In this picture you will see the owners Katie and Michael and their sweet crazy dalmatian Cash, named after the one and only Johnny Cash. And he definitley don’t walk no line! Katie, the Graphic Designer, Operator, Social Media Marketer and Queen of all the things of Dixie Love is a big dreamer, entrepreneur, wife, dog mom, sweet tea fueled, chickfila finatic, personal development junkie, country loving hippy. Michael is the biggest support system of Dixie Love, he not only works his other full time job as a Landscaper with his triplet brothers (yes identical triplets) but he also is our best Operator handling anything that needs to be handled. He is the biggest animal lover, fellow entrepreneur, husband, dog dad, outdoor loving, adventerous, volunteer firefighter, selfless, hardworking man who after all came up with this grand idea to start a Tshirt Company based off of Katie’s Graphic Design skills in her existing company Katherine Cindia Designs. So you can thank him for being able to envision something greater for ya’ll to enjoy and sparking Katie’s big dreams to fly from there. Katie and Michael are an unstoppable team and have a lot of plans in store for ya’ll and can’t wait to bring ya’ll along for the journey.


        We appreciate you choosing to spend your hard earned money with us here at Dixie Love. It means the world to us! You are not only helping us make a living but to continue to build our company...because we are big dreamers and to make it all happen we will need your help! Subscribe to our email list to stay up to date with all things Dixie Love sharing new product arrivals, special discounts only to email subsribers, announcements about our new store being built, and other fun things. You can unsubscribe at anytime if we bore you! BUT we promise to deliver value in everything we send out!   

T. 205 - 283 - 9314  | | Trussville, AL, USA


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