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Who is Dixie?

Dixie is my grandmother and someone very close to my heart. I know that the word

Dixie can come off differently to different people, especially the black community. I'm not talking about just southern hospitality, or all things country, etc. because I love those things too…but I mean the part that goes deeper like rebel flags, confederacy, and hatred. I almost didn’t name my company Dixie Love because of that fear but I wanted to honor my grandmother after her passing with a new business venture that I knew she would have loved. My whole life she was making some type of clothing working in a textile mill. She would sew my cheerleading uniforms as a kid and altered every pair of pants that were too long which were basically all of them because I was super short (still am). So after her passing I decided to start a tshirt company and she kept popping up in my brain of how much advice, input, and stories she would be able to tell me. I knew from that moment that I wanted to honor her and name my business Dixie Love. The oak tree you see in our logo is her favorite tree on her farm. Every detail about our company logo and name is to pay tribute to the strong woman who helped mold me into the woman I am today. I added the word Love to the end of Dixie purposefully to counteract the hate that can sometimes be associated with the word Dixie when people aren't aware it is a person. I try every chance I can to practice inclusion and am trying harder to be an ally for change, spreading awareness where I can. For example on my thank you cards I write with every purchase I have a saying at the top (see picture below) that reads “It takes all kinds of kinds and here at Dixie Love, we love them all. Keep being the you, you were made to be, the world needs it.”

Dixie is a different state of mind for me which I know is very much my white privilege to be able

to have that perspective. It doesn’t have to do with rebel flags, or soldiers, or men of any kind. When I picture the meaning of Dixie I picture a strong independent liberal woman who stood up for what she believed and never backed down. She was polite when needed and blunt when necessary. She was a strong southern woman raising her family, running a farm, and doing all the work while showing a woman’s right to work was essential. She believed that any woman is just as capable as any man to be an asset to the financial stability of the family. She was an extremely hard worker and poured her blood and sweat into her work at the textile mill as well as her farm. She saw straight through bull shit, one of the many attributes that I’m proud to inherit from her. I love my grandmother Dixie very much and that is why I try to paint a different picture of what Dixie (in my world) is every day through my work with Dixie Love. I may not always get it right but I keep trying. Dixie Love’s Dixie is a person, she is my grandmother, she was my teacher of so many things, she stood up for what she thought was right and I am trying every day to do the same. Here at Dixie Love we believe Black Lives Matter and we acknowledge that all lives can’t matter until Black Lives Matter. We can be the change we wish to see we just have to practice it every day. We won’t do it perfectly every time but we keep getting back up and trying again. Navigating through change can be hard but we can get through this together.

With all the peace and love,



I want to add something here. I know people have brought to my attention that some won't look past the name Dixie to read this or care to know the reasons behind the name. And I don't disagree but I'm trying to test things out to see what works if people realize my Dixie is a person and I’m clear on my stance and have actions to back it up. The people who voiced their concern are the ones who don't believe in the name changes and think it’s all ridiculous or others who have mocked me for the things I’ve posted pertaining to Black Lives Matter. Well I want to be clear here I support those businesses that have made the decisions to change their name. I don't think they were going to get "canceled" if they didn't but it would mean they would have to show up big and make their actions speak louder then words. Changing your name is a huge statement but if you aren't careful it gives you an easy out to not have to follow through with the actions. I am dedicated to this cause. The cancel culture is also due to the behavior more so then the name changes. And I do think there needs to be room for mistakes if you are committed to learning BUT if you are intentionally making the same mistakes then that is a different story. The name changes are more to show their support for Black Lives Matter and make their stance known in the movement. It is to show their dedication to change. I have not shied away from showing my support or dedication to trying to be the best ally to any of the oppressed groups of people whether it is people of color, or LQBTQIA+ community. That is where I am hoping that my actions speak louder then words. And trust me I have been very conflicted and can not say that I haven’t contemplated the name change for that very reason. Because I in NO way want my business associated with the ones who are holding onto that. But I think if they click on my page and actually looked at the things we sell I would be the wrong crowd for them. 😊✌🏻

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