Daisy's spiritual meaning symbolizes innocence and purity. In Norse mythology, the daisy is Freya's sacred flower. Freya is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, and as such the daisy symbolizes childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings. This flower also represents spirituality and therefore is a perfect gift for everyone who is looking for a perfect gift for newborn or parents of a newborn. BUT it doesn't have to be that you are birthing a beautiful baby into this world, it can be that you are birthing a new business, a new health journey, a new relationship, etc. What are you creating? Make sure you are channeling the love and beauty of a daisy. 


There is something about the birth or beginning of new things like something as simple as pulling the clear protection film off of a new phone or as life changing as holding your baby for the first time. Big or small we all can celebrate the birth of new things!


Sizing: This is a unisex shirt but runs a little small. If you like your shirts more baggier then I suggest going up a size. 


Special Care Info: This is a Bella Canvas shirt. Wash your shirt in cold water for longer lasting results. Direct to Garment shirts last 40-50 washes which can vary depending on the washer/dryer. 

Daisy. Innocence. Purity.